Our Team

Our Team

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Holding a comprehensive knowledge base in commercial real estate from previous firms, Jacob founded Legacy Realty Group with the goal of providing maximum value for clients, purchasers and sellers alike.  

Combined with his Masters in real estate finance from New York University, Jacob’s expertise in closing off-market transactions has enabled him to sell hundreds of millions worth in real estate during his career.

When he’s not closing his next deal, Jacob is spending time with his wife and son.

[email protected] 646-877-0835

With roots in finance and accounting, Jonah started his career at EMA Financial, a prestigious boutique hedge fund located on Wall Street. Jonah gained invaluable experience in fund management and accounting during his time and sought out a career in commercial real estate.

Combining his knowledge in purchasing and transactions with New York City’s active real estate industry, Jonah set forth on a career pivot in commercial real estate.

Clients best describe Jonah as sportsy with a solid ‘Can Do’ attitude, bringing a confident and bold charisma to Legacy Realty Group. Jonah goes beyond negotiations and closing deals, drawing on his extensive management experience from his time at EMA Financial.

Jonah is a graduate of the Sy Syms School of Business at the Yeshiva University, holding a major in finance with a minor in accounting, and is a licensed real estate salesperson.

[email protected] (347) 652-4874

With extensive experience in international business, Daniel has roots in both negotiation and developing client relationships.

Leading the Turbo Trade Plus global business team in Israel, Daniel solidified connections between corporate entities, negotiating multi-million dollar deals worldwide.

Daniel is a graduate of the International division of Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), holding a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

[email protected] (718) 219-3804

After studying real estate and business ethics abroad, Max started his career at one of the top office leasing brokerages in the United States. Max gained invaluable experience in developing client relationships during his time.

With a client-first approach, Max has built strong relationship between buyers and sellers, negotiating multi-million dollar deals that drive value for both parties.

[email protected] (646) 734-4921

Upon completing his studies in real estate and business ethics at Yeshiva University, Ari launched his professional journey at EMA Financial, an esteemed boutique hedge fund situated on Wall Street.

Blending his expertise in negotiation and developing client-first relationships, Ari has built connections between buyers and sellers, skillfully navigating multi-million-dollar deals that deliver substantial value to all parties involved.

When he’s not working, Ari enjoys spending quality time with his wife.

[email protected] (516) 233-7115